Full Arch Restoration in Sarasota, FL

A full set of healthy teeth not only allows you to enjoy a varied diet and normal oral function, but it also empowers you to smile with true confidence. If tooth loss has dimmed your smile, full arch restoration at Lakewood Ranch Oral & Facial Surgery offers a second chance. We’re delighted to offer this transformative solution in Sarasota, FL, aimed at replacing your missing teeth and rejuvenating your oral health.

How is Full Arch Restoration Different Than Dentures?

While dentures, with their known challenges, were the go-to solution for smile rehabilitation in the past, today’s advanced technology offers significantly improved alternatives. Full arch restoration, a cutting-edge procedure, enables you to replace a whole arch of teeth with just a few strategically positioned dental implants. This solution delivers durable and aesthetically pleasing results, empowering you to eat your favorite foods and smile with renewed confidence.

What are the Benefits of Full Arch Restoration?

  • Replace any number of teeth. A few implants are needed to replace entire rows of teeth, transforming your smile with a single treatment.
  • Protect your oral health. Unlike dentures, full arch restoration uses implants to guard against jaw deterioration. This method is a comprehensive solution designed with the long-term health of your entire oral system in mind.
  • Preserve healthy teeth. Full arch restoration integrates existing healthy teeth with custom crowns to promote a natural-looking smile.
  • Enjoy long-lasting security. Unlike dentures, full arch restoration offers a more secure fit without clicking, slipping, or sliding. This advanced solution, when paired with diligent care, has the potential to deliver enduring results, keeping your smile radiant and confidence high for years to come.

Ideal Candidates for Full Arch Restoration

If you are missing multiple teeth or anticipate needing several teeth extracted, you likely qualify for full arch restoration. Your journey will begin with a consultation, allowing Dr. Lyman to get to know you, understand your whole-body health needs, and recommend solutions that prioritize your safety and comfort.

Missing Teeth

Full arch restoration is a good solution if you suffer from substantial tooth loss or anticipate multiple extractions. While Dr. Lyman strives to preserve your natural teeth, severe decay or injury can sometimes pose a challenge. Full arch restoration has the potential to rejuvenate your smile, restoring its appearance and functionality.

Good Health

Your safety is paramount during the full arch restoration process. Dr. Lyman will review your medical history and assess your overall physical health. It is essential to discuss any underlying conditions that could hinder your healing process during the initial consultation.

What is Involved in the Full Arch Restoration Process?

Your journey begins with an extensive, one-on-one consultation, offering peace of mind heading into your treatment day. Once treatment is scheduled, Dr. Lyman will administer anesthesia to promote your comfort. He will extract non-viable teeth, perform bone grafts to preserve jaw health, and strategically place implants where needed. After a few months of healing, these implants will fuse with your bone, providing a secure anchor for natural-looking, custom-tailored replacement teeth.

Recovery and Aftercare

Your recovery period after a full arch restoration with Dr. Lyman can vary. Factors like overall health and adherence to post-operative instructions play a big role. Typically, you might see initial healing within 2 weeks, but complete recovery and adjustment to your new dental prosthesis could take a few months. Dr. Lyman emphasizes the importance of following all the provided post-operative instructions for a smooth, swift recovery.

During treatment, Dr. Lyman administers Exparel® injections to alleviate discomfort, frequently eliminating the need for strong pain relievers. Additionally, StellaLife® homeopathic products are available to reduce inflammation and expedite your body’s natural healing process.

To help alleviate any anxiety and assist in recovery, Dr. Lyman introduces the soothing strategy of box breathing. Not only does this practice provide immediate relief, but it also imparts a valuable tool for lifelong stress management and overall wellness enhancement.

You’re in Good Hands with Lakewood Ranch Oral & Facial Surgery

Full arch restoration may be your gateway to an improved quality of life and a vibrant, functional smile. We are pleased to provide this tooth replacement solution offering comfort, safety, and predictable results. Schedule a consultation at our Sarasota, FL practice at Sarasota Office Phone Number (941) 212-2328.

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